Idaho Area 18

Area 18 Treasure Valley TSNAC

Area 18 Treasure Valley TSNAC
P.O. Box 2513
Boise, ID 83701-2513

AREA 18, Treasure Valley TSNAC Telephone Service # (208)-906-2745

The TSNAC Telephone Service is not the AA Hotline!
 If you need a member of Alcoholics Anonymous to contact you to talk about recovery - PLEASE CALL THE AA HOTLINE - (208) 344-6611. 

Email Contact List

General questions or you wish to contact the Treasure Valley TSNAC Chair
Treasure Valley TSNAC Chair (Dana)
Donations or questions regarding how funds are used or raised for TSNAC
Treasurer (Tom)
Interested in volunteering or helping TSNAC extend the hand of AA to those who need the help of TSNAC and AA.
Hospitals and Treatment Chair (Jared)
Corrections Chair (Susan / Tom)
Bridging the Gap Chair (Monty)
Special Needs/Accessibilities (Regina)